We send text reminders of important educational dates 

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Coming soon...text reminders for independent school dates!
  1. 1
    Open Days
    Open days give you the opportunity to visit the school, listen to the headteacher's speech and find out if the school is suitable for your child. We remind you of Open day dates.
  2. 2
    Registration start date
    Schools require you to register if you would like your child sit their 11+ exams. Increasingly, registration is now done online. We text you with registration start and end dates.
  3. 3
    Supplementary forms
    Some schools require parents to submit a supplementary form to the school if sitting the 11+ exams. We text to remind you of the relevant submission deadlines.
  4. 4
    Mock Test dates
    It is important that your child sits a mock test in advance of the final 11+ exam. We send you text reminders of mock test dates in your local area.
  5. 5
    11+ Exam dates
    This is the all important date every parent must know. We will send you text reminders of all dates. Some schools have Stage 1 and Stage 2 exams dates.
  6. 6
    Results date
    As parents wait anxiously for the outcome of the 11+ exams, we send text reminders of the expected results date.
  7. 7
    Offer dates
    All school places offered must be accepted or declined by a given date. We send you text reminders of the relevant dates.
  8. 8
    Appeals date
    Should you wish to appeal the decision made by the local authority, there are dates by which the form must be obtained, submitted and the hearing held. We remind you.